Snaps & Blabs 101

Who am I?

I grew up in Bulgaria, escaped to Africa, and then luck took me to Australia, where I met a wonderful American and we settled and created three children to keep us company. More about me.

Who is Mr.Blab and Miss… something?

He is the above mentioned American.

Then follows the company:

Miss Fab is our first born daughter.
Little B is the second, cementing the “girls rule” motto around here.
The Dod, Dodman, Caramel Popcorn… is the son that surprised us, and to Mr.Blab’s disappointment, has done nothing to budge the female dominance of the castle. In fact, he may have even helped us (I hear Mr.Blab crying quietly in the corner).

The blog

The story of this blog, starts rather boring, like the vast majority of other personal blogs – I wanted a place to share with friends and family things that were happening in my life. This is where the boring part ends, because the thing that I wanted to share, was an around the world trip I made when I was 5-7 months pregnant with my third child.

A very special friend of mine was getting married in Bulgaria. I just could not miss it. Mr.Blab suggested I make a full circle of the world and I took the idea and ran with it.

Not long after my plans started shaping up, I found out I was pregnant. Despite various warnings and worries from well meaning family, there was no change of plans and at 5 months pregnant I set off on my lonely, in a good way,  7 week adventure, visiting a lot of the places I hadnt had the chance to see in my previous travels.

After my trip, the blog took a different turn and following the birth of my son (the Dod, Dodman etc.) it was more of a gushing volcano of love for my newborn. After all that emotion settled, the place found its comfortable nook in recording the daily life with my loved ones – creativity, handmade projects, food pleasures (because I am a glutton), and the bursts of philosophical rants thoughts I have on various subjects.

Until we made the decision to sell off most of our possessions, put the rest in storage, and take the kids on a year long around the world life of nomads.

And this is where you are joining us in. Now you are up to date and there is no reason why you cant stick around and join in my blabbering corner of the net. I would love to hear from you, unless you are a spammer, then bugger off.