Chorizo, spinach and green beans pasta

Chorizo, spinach and green beans pasta



One of the benefits of being in Spain is in having constant, wide varied and uninterrupted access to  that delicious thing called chorizo. Porky goodness accompanied by the mouth tingling flavour of smoked paprika that I can find anywhere around. I like the fresh version, which needs to be cooked before eating and is especially wonderful from my favorite butcher down the road. But the dried ones are great for a quick snack or for making sauces like the one I am going to share with you now.

(Tomorrow I will post my current favorite way to use the fresh chorizos)

This recipe is what happens when I mixed our staple creamy chicken sauce with the local ingredients. It is delicious.


green beans
fresh spinach
(optional: mushrooms, parsley)


Chop your green beans in bite sizes and quickly toast them in a pan. The point is to give them a bit of a char, but not to make them soft. It is better to leave them undercooked, than to overdo it.


When they are done, leave them aside for later.

Next in a deeper pan, put the chopped up chorizo on medium high heat. No need for oil, as they will release their own. Plus we will make sure this is not low fat in the next few steps.


When they are nicely fragrant and slightly fried, add chopped up garlic and toss for half-one minute.

Now add cream and stir. Add plenty of black/white pepper and salt. Stir and taste as you go. Turn the heat down and let it simmer for a few minutes.

Chop up spinach in small pieces and add to the sauce.



Simmer some more.

If by now you are still alone in the kitchen, you have done something wrong – start again. This should smell irresistible.



It doesn’t need much. I usually boil the water for the pasta as I am simmering the sauce.

This is good enough to eat, but it is not the end.



After turning the heat off and letting the sauce to calm down,
add the chopped tomatoes and the green beans (if you have parsley, add that too)




The tomatoes add freshness and sourness to the flavors, while the beans are your crunch that I think completes this perfectly.

Despite the various ingredients, this is deeply and clearly a chorizo flavored sauce.