Ms. Fab’s salad recipe book

Ms. Fab’s salad recipe book

I am going to love this home learning stuff. Not that things havent been happening before, but now we can expand on them and use everything as a source of new knowledge.

Ms. Blab has decided she will make a book with recipes for salads.  I suggested she may want to look up information about all the ingredients and to add that to it, so she spent some time in the afternoon reading about tomatoes and peppers (and writing notes). I think she started looking into dressings too, but dinner was ready and she had to pause.

She is having a ball being the salad chef. Went with daddy to buy her ingredients, all chosen by her. And here are her first two creations, well not really, we missed documenting the first one last night.

Carrot Star Salad


Served with lunch and wonderfully yummy.

And then for dinner, we got:

The Quarter Salad


So called, as it was divided in four sections and we each got one. On the bottom it had little strings of carrot that indicated each quarter.

Who knows if the book will actually eventuate, but this is heaps of fun.

And did you know that tomatoes are from the nightshade family, like potatoes and eggplants? Neither did I!