2 years of travel in 30 simple photos

2 years of travel in 30 simple photos

We are officially a year behind our original schedule.

Additionally to Schedule Busters, you can also call us the Masters of Budget Travel, because we have managed to fit those 2 years quite comfortably into the original budget with a bit to spare. No, forget that, a Magic Workers fits better.
Тraveling, looking at the map and pointing around, not having a home has all become part of life. What was a dream is now a reality, so even though on a logical level I know how amazing this all has been, on a day-to-day basis it is just normality.

To mark this anniversary with you, I dug through my folders and picked one photo for each country where we have visited. I didn’t have one ready for each, and my hard disc is back in Spain, but I could cover most of them with what I have in my trusty laptop.

A journey back in time…

 1. Bali

bali_amed-snapsblabs (23 of 83)

The black beaches of Bali. Both of us younger and cuter.


2. Singapore

singapore-snapblab (28 of 44)

The island that is in Asia, but is not Asia.


3. Malaysia

snapsblabs-cherating (3 of 8)

First steps on Cherating – still one of our favorite beaches in the World.


4. Thailand

Khao Kho_snapsblabs11-4

The view from our cabin in the small village of Khao Kho.


5. Cambodia

angkor_snapsblabs1101 (66 of 102)

Deep in the heart of Angkor.


6. Vietnam


Waterfalls next to Dalat.


7. China


The Bund at night – Shanghai.


8. Japan


The country where we want to go back the most.

9. South Korea


Our guesthouse in Gyeongju in pleasantly surprising South Korea.


10. India


Forget the colors of India, the skies as seen from the Himalayas are unbelievable.


11. Oman


Spending Christmas in Oman and sliding down the sand dunes.


12. United Arab Emirates


Dod looking way cool in his new golden shoes.


13. Egypt


As the crowds of Tahrir square were marking one year of the uprising, the pyramids were barely visited by scared tourists. Almost unheard of.


14. Turkey


First snow for the children..ever – Istanbul.


15. Bulgaria


2.5 months of my family falling in love with my home land.


16. Romania


Cooling off in Sibiu.


17. Serbia


Serbia is one seriously underrated country. An absolute delight.


18. Hungary


Our first and only (knock on wood) breakdown – Budapest.


19. Slovakia


20. Netherlands

A solo side trip for me to attend a conference.


21. Austria

Found lovely people and realized that Vienna is not that big of a deal ;)

22. Czech Republic

Where we met close friends from Australia and walked the hell out of Prague.

23. Poland


Walking through charming Kazimierz Dolny.


24. Lithuania


Where we first discover the amazing beaches of the Baltics.


25. Latvia


At the tail end of the Baltica International folklore festival in Riga.


26. Estonia

Eating copious amounts of salted salmon and doing sauna the traditional local way.


27. Finland


Playing in the woods of Finland.


28. Norway


Couch (our car) made it to Tromso! One of our greatest accomplishments for sure.


29. Sweden

Where we devour our first ‘not cooked by me’ meal in IKEA, after insanely expensive Norway.


30. Denmark


Copenhagen had us at hello.


31. Germany


Goofing off with a friend in Püttlingen.


32. Luxemburg

Lovely little place.


33. Belgium


Where Mr.Blab got to salivate for 3 days over the Spa circuit.


34. France



We discover that we actually like French people.


35. Spain


Our home for the European winter. Waiting for horchata and gazpacho order in Granada.


36. Gibraltar



37. Portugal


In the process of discovering that Portugal is not the same as Spain…



It has been an experience of life altering proportions. And yet, so simple – moving one foot in front of the other.

If you have been with me for all of this, thank you. If not, welcome and stick around for 2 more years ;)

For the full route and the over 150 stops along the way, see the Map of our journey so far.