The “nap pad”

The “nap pad”


I have no idea what its called or even if it has a name, but this is the pad I made for my little one’s rest times in preschool. She chose the material, although I had another lovely pink one, but she decided this one was softer. So to satisfy her love for pink, I made the little frill on the top ;)

Details follow


Basically it is a pad with two layers of waddling for the body and 5 layers for the pillow part. I sew the materials with their face down and then turned the whole thing inside out to have hidden edges. I left the area between the pillow and the pad open for stuffing and then turned the edges in and run a stitch through the whole thing, which makes it easy for the next part…folding the whole thing for storage:


Just needs some velcro to keep it all nice and tight and its done! She loves it and has been folding it and moving it around the house most of the afternoon.

Now big sister wants one…I dont think I have enough stuffing for her ;)