Our neighbour, Xativa

Our neighbour, Xativa


Living in a small town means we end up going to our nearest cities quite often. Luckily, this part of Spain is quite well built up and this activity takes shorter than it used to take us to get to the shops in Perth – about 10 min.  One can get used to living without traffic, parking worries and all the stress that goes along with big cities. Easily.

Xativa is out North neighbour. The place we go to catch the train, pick up second hand washing machine or enjoy a late night tapas festival. Few days ago, before the Antarctic winds took over our pleasant winter, we decided to finally go and climb up to the hill and visit the castle.

Xativa has produced not one, but two Popes, as you can witness by the names of squares here and there amongst the tiny alleys of the old city. It also enjoys a mayor with connections, which means it gets more funding and care than Ontinyent, our South neighbour.  This is also the reason that they had enough money to build the biggest eye sore for locals – the so called UFO, or modernized bulls’ ring. It is rather horrible indeed.





















Every day out should include some food surprises. And it was in Xativa that we discovered the delights of fresh cookie that consisted of a whole walnut, topped with yolk sweet crumbly mixture and covered in sugar.

Like Xativa? Want to see it as it looks at night?