A christmas tree from winter Spain’s bounties

A christmas tree from winter Spain’s bounties


different christmas tree

For years now, we have enjoyed the taste of a different and homemade Christmas tree.
Then we started traveling.

Last holidays we were in Oman, where 25th of December is just another day and it was lovely for a change. But even though we are not religious, I am a bit of a sucker for traditions and it has been nice to watch the kids’ excitement as they run around in creative moods, making things and hiding in their room.

My job was to figure out what to do for a Christmas tree. There was a suggestion at some point to just go easy and pluck one of the numerous pine trees that grow around our village and go normal. We killed that person.

The solution was obvious really. When you are spending time in a place like this:




You go for a walk with new friends – a lovely Swedish family that are spending the holidays with us and taking a break from their travels around Europe.



..you ask your man to pluck you one of the numerous bamboo grasses that grow around the river..




And carry.




Enjoy a long walk around and pick a thing or two.




Then bring the bounties home.
The good news is that cutting bamboo turned out to be a much easier job than I had imagined. A small steak knife was sufficient.



Then the process goes like this:

– cut up the pieces of bamboo from bigger to smaller

– tie them up with string

– position this base where you want the tree to be – I hung in from a living room shelf

– thread around the lights and tie them up to secure

– then it is a matter of just decorating the tree with what you have collected from nature


nature christmas tree




The kids enjoyed tying the pine cones to the ‘tree’, just like decorating a real one.


different christmas tree


handmade christmas tree




with love from Spain



handmade christmas tree