Bonjour France

Bonjour France

First (flying) steps in ghostly Sunday evening Metz


It is time to cross paths with the land of wine and cheese.

And it is true – wine after wine for under 3 euros with a whole lot of fancy names that cost over 20 dollars back in Australia, line the supermarket shelves. I had to choke down some tears standing at the cheese аisle at the fact that I could not possibly try all of them. After some delicious Bordeaux with the meal last night and generous slices of petit camembert on top of my lightly fried eggs (with glorious runny yolks)  this morning, I feel a little bit better.

France and I have a funny thing going. I like to make fun of it. The language makes the pretentious stereotype oh-so-easy.  The one time I flew with AirFrance did not help. The attitude of French towards people that try to communicate in English – neither.

There is probably something to it, after all when I asked around the international city of  The Hague which are the hardest people to work with or understand…you guessed it, I won’t dig that hole any deeper.

Still, this time France is making it a bit difficult to continue our usual relationship. Metz and the people that we are staying with charmed me.

We are taking off to Paris in a little while, I will let you know if I am completely lost to the French stereotype games.