Proof of life

Proof of life

We are making good gains on Europe, although the road ahead still feels quite long. Everything is fine, everyone is healthy and we are still loving this journey.

I am not sure if I am tired, busy with social activities or just unsure about the direction of this blog, but I am struggling with writing. That in itself makes me anxious. So it appears I have put myself in this vicious circle and I have not yet found a way to get out of it.

Thank you for sticking around anyway.I know. I see. I feel.

(I am still managing to post updates on the Facebook page, so if you are missing me and have not checked there, you know where to find me)

Ewww, right now I cannot think straight as the dog of the people we are staying with just produced, what must be the most unimaginably stinky fart while lying in my feet. For goodness sake…hurl…ahh…

See, I must be cursed by the writing gods.