Harstad – in search of the sun

Harstad – in search of the sun

Northern Norway summer is the time for the midsummer sun, right? Wrong. Or to be more accurate, it will be if the blanket of clouds lifts off for long enough to see.

Weather has not been cooperating and we have spent more time waiting for the elusive sun to tickle our shriveling skin with its warm fiery hair than in enjoying this rare delight.


It is beautiful here, no doubt. Still, I don’t think I could live here and run the risk of enduring sunless summer after the long dark lightless winter. I will die a slow death, most likely by my own lost in delusional darkness hands.

But when the sun shows….ahhhh.


Tomorrow we are off to Lofoten island and please, please send a good thought for us that we get even slightly good weather.


Sick Of Waiting