Bow down to the best car ever!

Bow down to the best car ever!

When your car breaks, what do you do? Take a picture of course!

Steam puffed around us few seconds after a man across the street gesticulated  to turn the car off.   After more than 2000km of flawless service (ok the driver’s window stopped working a few days ago, but that is minor) Couch showed his age for the first time.

My heart sank and Norway started looking terribly far away as we pushed our beloved family member to the side, past the stream  of liquid that had poured out of him.

Where are we? What to do? WTF? Budapest city is terrible to navigate. Rare left turns and plenty of one way and pedestrian streets ensure visitors like us lose about a year of our lives trying to figure out how to get somewhere on four wheels. And I am a darn good navigator.

“You guys go to the hostel, I will wait here and I am sure the police will show up at some point and tow truck us to somewhere” – Mr.Blab offers generously as he discovers the cracked radiator tube that has caused this scene.

“Towing?!” – the dollar figures start to mess with my head – “We are not paying for towing!”.

We discuss various possibilities, the severity of the damage and decide to have a look at the option of just pushing Couch to a safe spot or even possibly the parking we were given by the hostel. But where is it?

Looking through the bad map on the email and the saved one on the iPad, we cannot believe our eyes.

With the help of a bystander we push this golden car of ours…one block down the street.

Did you get that? We broke down one block away from our intended parking spot. On the same street!



And if we did not love Couch enough before, we absolutely adore it right now.

Thanks, Couch for allowing us to enjoy the late night ice cream on our first day in Budapest. Tomorrow we will work on taking care of that unruly hose…tube…thingy magigy.

xoxoxo Your family