Night at the museums of Novi Sad

Night at the museums of Novi Sad

One thing is for sure, museums are at least 58% better at night.  My statistical approach might not be met with scientific accolades, but the sentiment stays. If you happen to have a museum and want to fill it up, look into the darkness of the night.

As luck would have it, we were in Novi Sad for the European Night of Museums. The organized way with which this event is handled now is quite new, barely 8 years or so, but the tradition of opening art institutions in unusual hours is not unheard of. This is not surprising, as it is a cracking idea.

Even the opening hours of the event wet the appetite – 6pm-2am.



Novi Sad is probably not the best spot to enjoy the night, as it is not known for fabulous art collections, big museums or charming galleries. On the other hand, it is small, most of the venues were along the pedestrian areas and tiny streets and nothing was overcrowded to the point of no fun, take me home.



Walking around the dark buzzing town, looking for the next pink illuminated building around is delightful enough, but visiting museums where music is playing and people seem alive instead of zonked on art zombies, is magnificent frankly.



We  enjoyed looking through the exhibition of the glamorous life of Tito in the Vojvodina Museum.

And a special close up of one of his outfits. Just for you.



The kids managed to ponder over the value of contemporary art in the museum by the same name. Happy to say that after laughing hard over a few of the exhibits, as we were leaving they had found at least a smidgen of their eyes for this form of art.



We touched our way through the gallery with exhibits for the blind.

Drank too many mojitos, sadly sans alcohol.



We continued to rock the night with some music in the courtyard of one of the  small museums and finished it off with a quick run through some vintage Serbian beer labels.



Close to 1am we were back home. Only now artsier, more sophisticated and with mint leaves between our teeth.