The irony of life and corn bread

The irony of life and corn bread

Ok, so what do you do when right after you write a post about stuff your Mr.Blab goes ahead and buys a a ginormous flat screen TV? True, he sold his bachelor days pinball machine to do it and there was nothing wrong with our 12 year old television, other than a few spots of color damage, but still.. Do you whip him? Do you nag? Do you join him in his owe of baseball, you havent seen before (because cable has not spread its tenticles across any house of ours)…or do you make him a lovely crunchy, typically American cornbread to go along with it?

Here is a lovely recipe for those that are interested. Definitely not a health food though ;)

Corn Bread

150g sugar
150g butter

300g plain flour
150g polenta
tablespoon of baking powder
pinch of salt

3 eggs
400ml milk

Mix the first two ingredients until well blended. Mix the second batch (the dry) and the third (the wet).
Now start to add the dry and  the wet mixes a bit by bit to the butter mixture until its all mixed.
Pour in a greesed pan and bake on high. I use a square pan and takes about 40min on 200 degrees C.
Just test it by poking a wooden stick in the middle of the pan until it comes out dry.

I am not saying which option I picked ;)