The One Third

The One Third

The Prince; Fatty Boomsticks, The Man, The Dude, Dotti Dotti… turned 4 months and is now known as The One Third.

Doubled his weight, learned how to laugh, communicate some, grab things and suck on those juice fists of his. It has been an absolute pleasure to be witnesses of his introduction to the world.


I was struck by the witch of Mastitis a few days ago. Ok, that was rather hard to deal with and really kicked me in the gut. Within a few hours I was a feverish ball of meat shivering on the floor with a hot painful breast attached. The antibiotics I had from the surgery were looking very tempting while I was barely waking around from exhaustion, but managed to avoid them again. 
And it was all because The One Third has been misteriously filling his nappies consistently while actually eating much less thus leaving me with unemptied boobs. I forgave him, but tortured him like this just to remind him who is the boss around here.

I am hoping the sleeping was a sign of distress beyond human limits rather than a result of boredom with my attempt at a revenge.

Happy Fourth Month!