Life without stuff

I wanna get off. This train is not taking me anywhere nice. Feels like its running in circles and we are seeing the same scenery over and over and over and over…OH! And over.

Our feet are on the way out, dangling over the edge of the door, being cooled down by the gentle breeze of the freedom beyond the train. But I want more. We want more. We are dreaming of building our own house by ourselves. Not your average mainstream house…our own. Earth and human friendly, non toxic, random and imperfect, but touched with love and attention only the way one can do themselves. Wild and free, beautiful and friendly…a place where all the things inside are meaningful and treasured, no cheap disposable plastic and stuff that exists only because someone somewhere wants to pay their mortgage and own a yacht.

Oh, the dreams.

But back to the topic – stuff.

Recently I stumbled upon a little fun presentation called “The Story of Stuff”. A wonderful succinct way of describing why the consumerism culture is not as good as we have been led to believe.

Watch it:
Its own website

Can you see through the emptiness of the things that surround you? Or do they really bring you the happiness and joy that was promised when they were sold to you? I am curious to hear your views, not just fishing for some comments ;)