Meet the sixth member of our family

Meet the sixth member of our family

“Do you know how much we paid in that fancy restaurant in Amritsar?” calls Mr.Blab from the other room.

“I dont know…$30?” I am not really interested in the answer, more so in where he is trying to take this conversation. What is he trying to say?

“Almost. $27 – twenty seven dollars! Boy it was cheap there. Do you remember we used to pay like $3 or $4 for lunch or dinner usually?” he is day dreaming by now, not really starting a discussion with me.

And in a nutshell, he is right. Asia was exceptionally cheap to travel through – a big reason why we ended up spending almost a year there.

Europe is not. Europe is a different breed of cattle altogether.  While in Asia trains, buses and boats are practically dirt cheap, in Europe they may be nicer, but plain unaffordable for us. Yeah, 20 Euro for a trip might be fine for one, but when you multiply it by five it becomes a whole lotta wowza (yeah, I know this is bad English).

After considering motor-homes – too expensive; walking – no way; skipping the continent – we never give up without a fight; we ended up with the plan of buying an old cheap car in Sofia and trying our luck with it.

And we did.


I sacrificed myself to the bureaucracy gods and lost almost 4 hours of my life in the process of changing the ownership registration for our car – the rainy gray day did not help at all.


But in the end we have a shiny blue car. We needed a name and while toying with the idea of calling it Pretty Betty Blue the Second, the Dod came up with the perfect name hands down.


I present to you THE COUCH  ta-da!


We have a feeling that this creature has been tortured, badly. It has more wounds and bumps than a cat’s favorite scratch pole. It is missing bits and pieces. There is a hole on the driver’s side window. Squeaks and rattles give a lovely white noise to the experience, but…

But the most important thing is that it MOVES.



It got us almost 400km away from Sofia and every time we touch it gently and greet it for good morning, we hope it will get us a lot further.

Please kindly (and gently) welcome Couch. Send good thoughts, vibes, prayers whatever is your way. Because if this car takes us through Europe, we are one hell of a lucky buggers.

Did I say gently? Make that very gently ;)