Reusable shopping bags

Reusable shopping bags

Spinning from the previous post, here is what I found in my search for a bag.

First a few words on plastic bags – a complete and utterly unnecessery waste that makes a mess of one’s house and worst (and if you care), of our environment.
Coming home with just a few bags and not having to work through a pile of crumbly, noisy pile of bags is like a breath of fresh air. Eliminating the plastic in your grocery shopping is easy and now it can be trendy too.

So, what are your choices?
The easiest and cheapest is to use the store branded ones. I am sure most of us have access to those.

If I can avoid being a walking free billboard for a big corporation (yeah, people think they are so cool displaying their high market brands around…in reality they have paid to be promoting the label…muahahaha…), I do my best not to do it. So we pay a few more bucks to get ad free bags.

Here are the few ones I have found:

Envirotrend bags (Aus)

from AU$ 4.25  /  zip bags, gift bags, big bags / great graphic designs

Bang Bags (Aus) also sells Envirosax

AU$10.95 / jute, not plastic / same size as supermarket bags / biodegradable

flip and tumble (US)

from US$6 / two types of bags / soft structure / bright colors

Betty at ButtNatural (Aus)

AU$20 / cotton / machine washable / made in US under FairTrade conditions

RuMe (US)

from US$8.95(28 for three)  / water resistant / FairTrade factory / fantastic designs

Envirosax (US) and  (Aus)

from US$8.50 (AU$8.14) / foldable / soft structure / lightweight / best design range

If you know of any other sites that sell bags, let me know. I can adjust this list as needed.