Secret Santa

Secret Santa

Do you do those too?

Well I do and enjoy it a lot. I think its a mixture of excitement of the unknown and of coming up with something decent for quite restricted cost.

The following was this year’s idea. Spending limit – $20

Moosh, if you fibbed and havent opened it yet, dont read on ;)

Ok, I did wrap it. I do enjoy doing it for gifts that are being sent. I think it adds to the excitement of the whole opening ceremony.
I used three kinds of paper, which I tore by hand to achieve this look and little golden stubs to keep them together.

For the card, I used a wonderful paper from a new range that is double sided. This was a really quick idea and execution, because I realized at the last moment that I actually didnt have a card to say my message.

The tree is cut off and I glued it to the back of the card. Then I threaded part of the paper  through the front ( on the left side). Inside is a white card stock which is connected to the card with greenish tape.

Now for the presents.

The first one was two reusable shopping bags with some great patterns, not the yucky self promoting ones given by stores. I got three for myself too.

The second one was a handmade fold out card containing three metallic prints (5×7.5) of my photographs from around Australia. I called it Australian Trilogy.

Its not something I do give out frequently…well, I havent done it ever really, but this girl mentioned that she would like some art/prints to decorate her new house. I sure hope she likes those enough to make a little Aussie corner on her wall somewhere.

I love metallic prints on certain photographs.

And there it is. $20 and a bit of hand work later my role as a Secret Santa is done.