So, you break into our apartment in Sofia..

So, you break into our apartment in Sofia..

Sick and tired of waiting for me to write about our resting spot in Sofia, longing for a post like the one I made about our Kyoto house,  you take things in your own hands. You are swift, agile and dressed in black with a credit card in hand. The door resists you for a moment only, but soon you are in the apartment. What do you learn about me and my family from the picture that is revealed in front of you?

1. My kids are awesome

Yes, the floor is grubby, clothes might be stuffed here and there, but the sight of the sky-scraping plastic bottle city that adorns the desk in their room takes your breath away.

You should have seen the lines of thread that use to criss-cross the room not long ago with bungy jumpers, lifts and such. I wish I could claim some of this awesomeness for myself, but I had nothing to do with any of this (other than buy the paper, can I get some points for that?)


Next, you sneak into our bedroom, where there is no sign of creativity at all. We are packing, so my bag could be seen around, but the next lesson is just to your left.


2. No matter how little clothes I have, I will never be neat


The living room, where we could be found in the mornings and late evenings. The crunch under your feet brings your pen to your notebook and the next revelation:

3. We do not clean and mop often


The smudged up glass table in the dining room, houses our suffocated faces aka the lovingly prepared snacks by my mom.

4. There are people that love us enough to spend 5 hours in the middle of the night to make us snacks

The buzz of the street intrigues you and you step outside on the balcony. It is a chilly day, unlike the sunny warmth that has bathed the city in the last week or more. Macedonia boulevard is in front of you. See that little red building over there?


It is a great little Turkish eatery. If you cross the street and walk three blocks to the right, you will reach our spot for fresh fruit and veg.



The wind brings you back in and you snoop some more.


5. There are water/toothpaste spots ALL over my bathroom mirror


Bonus: our cheapo Asian hairbrush is far from clean too

Revolted you move onto the kitchen, where most of the action around this place has happened. Sadly, the taste of abandonment can be felt in the air, as packing has begun here too.

With the trusted notepad in hand, you jot down:


6. I have more spices than clothes

I present to you my treasure. There are smells and delights here from Japan, Korea, India, Dubai, Turkey and Bulgaria.


7. I love garlic

Oh, yes, I do!


8. I like “fancy” bread, have people who bring me beautiful flowers, drink wine and make vanilla sugar in left over jars of tomato passata.



Voices can be heard through the stairs, your heart is thumping, but quickly you open the fridge to take a peak.



The sounds from outside seem to have quieted down, so you sneak out gingerly to have a look, only to see us leaving with big smiles on our faces, headed somewhere else.

9. We dont stick around a lot lately ;)




Someone asked, so spending for the lazy month has been in the range of $50-$60/per day, the cost of the apartment was $780 for the month with everything included (electricity, water, heat, internet and cable).