Laziness equals jiggle and multiplying of the chin

Laziness equals jiggle and multiplying of the chin


Cough…cough…choke…isn’t there someone around to dust this place!

“I will do all of these things when we stop traveling” said she and a few weeks later found herself in the same situation only with a beer belly and a less defined chin.

My story over the last few weeks in a nut shell. One of those things was to catch up on posts. Bwahahahaha, not only did I not manage to do that, I piled more outstanding stories to the leaning tower of unaccomplished writing that is looming over me.

You are good people, you will forgive. The problem is that I am not sure I can do that for her myself. The months are passing, the memories are blurring and before long I will lose the sharpness of the experiences needed to write the way I like. And then there will be regret and I hate the stuff.

I sat down tonight, like many others before it, with the determination to write. And then I ended up doing just about everything else. Now its almost 3 a.m. and I decided to not do the usual escape act and just run to bed with a suitable excuse, but to face the white screen and dirty it up a little with anything.

Despite the gloominess I just poured over here, I am having a blast. Who knew that I had so many wonderful people interested in spending time with me and my family? And I am eating myself silly into a new shape. No kidding.



Actually, we all are.

I love it when we go to the big market and then come back with bags full of fresh produce, begging to be cooked and eaten. And boy do we show it a good time.


I need to get away from this good life or else I will melt into my own glee and spilling over muffin top.

Until then, I am thinking before jumping in bed to pull out the container of drob surma (rice with kidney) my mom armed me when I visited her the other day, warm it up and then drop a few spoonfuls of creamy yoghurt on top…mmm…maybe some feta too…spring or root garlic?…yum-yum…there is that big tomato looking for attention at the bottom of the fridge….

You still there? Why on Earth? Yes, its a double chin, stop staring.

Better yet, help me dust this place, apchoooo.