Happy Grandma March

Happy Grandma March

All covered in white and red, we welcomed March in the warmth of our apartment in the center of Sofia.

Baba Marta  (grandma March) comes around and is meant to symbolize the beginning of Spring and for thousands of years we have tied the twisted red and white threads on each other for good health and happiness. When I was little I used to spend the night before March 1 trying to fit as many martenictzi (red and white decorations) on my top for school the next day. And on my coat. And on my hands. And hat too.

My kids enjoyed making their own with grandma and were satisfied with a lot less decorations. Maybe there is evolution after all.

So after a bit of a search we have settled into an apartment. It is big, especially compared to what we have had in the last year. Two bedrooms, living room, lovely kitchen and a bath. Still, the part that pulled squeals out of each member of the family was the ability to unpack our bags. Ahhhhh. I love how little my pile of clothes looks in the huge wardrobe. True, I am no fashion icon, but it takes me 2.5 seconds to tidy up in there. Beat that.

I am still catching up with people – my all time favorite activity. Not just any people, but people I actually enjoy spending my time with, plus there is nothing wrong with some gossip, drama and excitement in one’s life.

The plan? Meet as many of the people as I can.  Try to fix my tooth. Buy a car. Get the kids passports. Get slim and delightful. Learn Spanish. Teach Bulgarian to the rest of the family. Catch up on blog posts. Write an e-book. Change the reality for birthing women in the country. Maybe I lost the plot at some point in writing the list, but I have dreamed of doing all those things before stepping foot here.

Thank you for your patience (I love how presumptive this phrase is, what if you were not?) since we arrived here. My mind is not on writing and I am sure you are not interested in blabs to just fill in the blanks.

I do miss you.

Happy Baba Marta and lots of health and happiness for each one of you.