Another late night update

It is late. Outside looks like the aftermath of a massive attack on feathery white birds. Only frozen. Yes, it is cold here, judging by the news shockingly cold. Unprecedented.

Winter has played a bad joke on us really. Natural disaster in Bulgaria meant that our plans of wasting a night on the train over there was scrapped, as trains apparently dont go through flooded ‘unprecedentedly’ cold areas. We said, ok, no problem, we will go through Greece then. Swerve left and then go north to Sofia. Yeah, but not. Greece’s economic troubles are so bad that they have stopped all of their international trains. Due to the facts of the free economy and ruthless capitalism, this means that bus tickets have at least doubled in price. Because suddenly it costs a lot more to deliver the service. Of course. I stand corrected in my dark cynic corner.

Last viable option is the bus from Istanbul to Sofia and today we purchased our tickets. The children are especially excited because the bus has internet and personal entertainment monitors. I just hope we dont freeze along the way or just slide into a ditch.

My laptop hates me. Our relationship is going downhill, which is a sad development as we have had some great times together.

Thank goodness for the food. I can just walk around the tiny streets of Istanbul and pop in and out of the even tinier corner kitchens where mom and pop are cooking food that is so similar to my childhood delights that every bite tickles not only my taste buds, but my memories as well.

The kids love snow. It is the only thing that can drag them outside of the apartment with a smile on their face.

No pictures. My laptop hates me.

The end.