First snow in Istanbul

First snow in Istanbul

I grew up with it. Every year I would freeze my behind in its chilly fluffiness amidst games with my friends. My feet would shrivel in my old shoes splatting  in that gray slushy that seeps inside your bones.

Then I left for the sunny life in Africa and Australia. And never, never looked back.

Two days ago, Istanbul welcomed us with one of those beautiful snowfalls that look so appealing from inside a warm house with a hot drink in hand. Truth be told, I could have easily lived the rest of my life without having ice falling from the sky. My children on the other hand, craved to feel it. That is why we are here at this time, when most people run elsewhere.


And they have loved it, just as every child before them and every that will come after them.

“It is so light!” – Miss Fab exclaimed underneath her red nose. In her mind snow was going to be rain-like, just white.  The girls kept on coming in and out of the house to warm up and recharge for another go. Our winter attire is rather limited, so long snow fun is not as comfortable as it should be.

After one of their stints they came back with a small snowman as a gift for the Dod, who preferred to look at the snow from inside, rather like his mom.

He liked it. For about 5 minutes. I took care of the puddle.


We ventured out for a bit. A small welcoming kitchen lured us in for a bite, a perfect reason to escape the chilling reality outside.

Then we took cover in a stationary store….and a long stop for hot chocolate…until we realized we are not going anywhere far. We were freezing our butts off.

Moving from one apartment to the other after sunset, proved another adventure, as the hilly roads of Istanbul were frozen. Nobody broke a leg, lets leave it at that.


My first priority right now is to find some cheap warm clothes, which will allow us to jump out freely, because as much as it can be a pain, snow can be great fun.

And if we will be here, we might as well enjoy it.