Istanbul, Beirut, Istanbul, Beirut…Istanbul

The freedom of movement we enjoy having no tickets, no reservations and no plans further than the next few days, means that from time to time we are faced with a decision for our next destination that is just hard to make.

Turkey was always our next intended stop, but the mind bogglingly expensive flights to take us across the Mediterranean meant that we needed to think a bit differently here on the ground. Our ideas of making it through the country all the way up to Istanbul were quickly needed to be scrapped – the cheapest options were always directly to Istanbul. Then cheap flights from Beirut to Turkey sparked our interest in a visit to Lebanon. If we are going to be paying through our nose, why not add a stop in between to make it worth it? Yeah, lets go there!

Expensive accommodation in the tiny country squeezed between “exciting” Syria and Israel cooled down our interest and we were back to direct shot to Istanbul.

Then, a couch-surfer in Beirut offered us a place to stay and we were back to Lebanon. Until we really started to crunch our dwindling budget and realized that it will cost us an extra $600 to visit, on top of being already 6 months late for stepping our wandering feet on Europe.

So, eventually we made our booking and today we are flying to Istanbul! Not quite what we had planned and abandoning an opportunity along the way, but excited never the less. The last time I visited I was about 17 years old and I loved the city.

Just a sneak peak into the more mundane issues of traveling the way we do.

Next time we chat, I will be freezing in Europe.

Ma El Salama, Egypt. Good luck!