Pharaoh’s curse is real

Breaking News: scientific, double blind study, proves that the curse of the Pharaoh indeed exists.

And we got blasted by it.

This is the story I will tell my grandchildren, as they stare at me in amazement (or pity, depending on how lucky they are in the gene lottery). Whatever the truth is, we are all crook. I am faring the best so far, with Mr.Blab looking at me through his droopy lids from the other end of the spectrum.

I would love to tell you all about the day we got cursed (I am sticking to my story), but my brain is marinating in a mixture of leave me alone and English? Me no spek Inglish!  You can not push these things.

In short, we are alive, but barely
Thank you for your patience and send some get well wishes our way.

P.S. and spread the news!