May I have your full attention, please

May I have your full attention, please

Flight safety demonstrations are a requirement and usually look like a chore. If you are still listening to them after your first flight, there is something seriously wrong with you.

Then on our last flight I found myself not only listening and watching the video going on in front of me, but even taking pictures. Unheard of for me.

FlyDubai asked the creators of the successful Emirati cartoon show FreeJ to create their inflight video and they did. The result is refreshing, fun and most importantly, made us look.
(the characters are a representation of a more traditional Dubai and are wearing battoulahs – an Islamic face covering)


As usual when my interest is tickled I had to dig deeper and see what other airlines out there are challenging the status quo. The benefit of being stuck inside by the bad weather in Alexandria is that I could share some of my favorites with you.



Animations are used a lot, but often without any gain in creativity.
EL AL come around this video reincarnated into a helpful dainty fairy helping everyone on the plane.



Thomson Airline used children to appeal for our love of all things small and cute:

You like child labor? Then check out the other airlines using it, like Nordwind and Pegasus.

If adult fun is more your thing, Air New Zealand has got a good dose of it. I have never been, but I love this country. Love it. It is beautiful, independent, free thinking and does not kiss any big power’s behind. True, there are more sheep there than people, but I can live with that.

Here is a full load of the All Blacks(rugby, people) and a streaker to boot:

Then there is the bare essential video, where the crew are presenting the information while they are butt naked. No kidding.

You can also watch the bloopers of making the video.
Or enjoy the response by the rapper flight attendant from Southwest Airlines (see below).


Philippine Airlines strikes a good balance between humour and image of quality:


Not all good demonstrations are prefabricated videos. Southwest flight attendant David Holmes, raps his way through the requirements and leaves everyone in good spirits for the flight:


And last a fakie by MAD TV, but it is so good it would have been a shame to miss it.
Have a good flight!