Snappy in the cool Dubai night

Snappy in the cool Dubai night

What happens when you have comfortable free accommodation and a flaky, indecisive travel partner?

You get stuck!

We have been leaving for Abu Dhabi for 4 days now. FOUR. Each morning I wake up thinking this is the day, only to be met by blank eyes, looking like we have never talked about this before,  and sleepy heads. Dubai is nice and all, but not that nice and frankly, it is getting a bit boring.

After some discussions, somewhat serious at that, we decided to save up on the extortion that is accommodation in Abu Dhabi and just make a day trip there. Leave in the morning, walk around, see the mosque, the pen*s hotel (yes, that is what we call it), walk the corniche and get back.

That is the plan.

The road there is to the right..


…and about 2 hours straight down this way. Not far at all.


Lets see if we make it. Please keep your fingers crossed for me, because I might lose it and hurt a certain someone with the deadliest look eva! Evah!