Christmas in a Muslim country

Christmas in a Muslim country


It is Christmas today.

Really? Where? Who did it?

I have always cringed at the decorations that sprang up in October all over the malls to remind everyone that money needed to be spent. Now. Cheesy Santas hired by the same grand shopping centers to lure the eager parents with the screaming kids, and the waiting wallets in their bags. It is out of control how capitalism has stolen Christmas to fund its ways.

There is none of this here. In Oman Christmas is probably what it was long ago in our end of the woods – tucked neatly in the homes of believers. A truly family affair.

Luckily, we are not religious and there has been no urgency to celebrate despite our location. There was a possibility of spending the day on a safari in the desert, which would have been a cool story at least, but our planning was as usual too slow. Instead we drove through the beautiful landscape of this country on the second day of our roadtrip.

Along the way we visited ghostly Omani towns, a fort and played in the soft dunes of the Wahiba Sands.


We have postponed our Christmas fun for when we reach the snow.


For all of you that are celebrating, Merry Christmas from all of us! Enjoy some turkey/stuffed vine leaves for us too.


P.S. so how did your Christmas go?