At the tail end of our adventures in Asia

At the tail end of our adventures in Asia

“You are a bit of a good mum” – mumbled Dod as he rested  his body on mine, while I was trying to sort pictures on my laptop. He was tired and loving me sweetly, as he does every night when his eyes get heavy. I kissed his cute pout and squeezed him tight.

The night before Little B and I spent most of the time in the toilet or finding our way there in the dark. She was on it, while I was providing support or washing yet another pair of undies that did not make it. I am not complaining though. She took it well and after more than 2 months in the land of sick travelers, if we get away with the one cold we went through and a day or two of a diarrhea, we can consider ourselves lucky. Here is hoping.

Mumbai is our last stop in India. We need to get on a plane again. This means its time to downsize the bursting backpacks and get rid of the extra bags that somehow have joined us on the journey. It starts innocently with one snack bag and before we knew it, we were balancing various small ones while being squished in a tuk-tuk on our way to the train station.

Solution: one pile for sending back home and one pile for donating to the streets of Mumbai. In ten months, this will be our second package home, most of it being mementos, papers and kids drawings. We are either perfectly disciplined or just too poor to be buying things in some of the cheapest countries in the World. Here I take the fifth.

I think we are all getting tired at this point. I am still not sure if its just from India, or moving as a whole. We will find out shortly when we take off on the 21st. Until then we are shedding weight and signing off on the Asian part of our travels.

His body was no longer on mine and I turned around to find him asleep on the couch.

My explorer and a whole lot of a good boy.