Cosmetics Safety – DIY

Cosmetics Safety – DIY

Cosmetics worldwide are made with dangerous ingredients. There are thousands of chemicals out there and only a handful ever go through any testing. And we put them on our skin, from where they go into our systems.

Yes, we cant protect ourselves from every chemical, but we can at least minimize the amount we get exposed to in our daily lives. With cosmetics, unless you are careful in choosing, you can assume they are made with **** (crap). Going through the list of what they contain and searching on the internet is very eye opening, although time consuming.  For a quick option, there is:

You can find for yourself how safe the ingredients in your cosmetics really are. The site has a considerable list of products, which are rated according to all their content and this will save you the time to search for each ingredient.

Quick what not to buy list is also available.

That lovely super duper expensive perfume is just a chemical bouquet of synthetic crap that is also carcinogenic amongst other things. Lets not forget all the baby products that are sold as “mild” or “hypoallergenic” and are really just a collage of the cheapest ingredients, often with petroleum by-products which are cheaper to sell than to dispose of.

Not only do we not need most of this stuff, but we are also paying to be contaminated. So wrong and yet it makes a chosen few a good chunk of money at our expense.

Now you know. The rest is up to you.