The unscary, unhalloween… Halloween

The unscary, unhalloween… Halloween

I live with an American and have friends in the country, so I have had my share of second hand impressions in regards to modern Halloween, and not even once felt the urge to be part of it. The parents spend money on costumes that never get used again, then usually grumble about the weather or how the kids are not happy with the said costumes, and then follow them around in the neighborhood on a huge candy fest, which is as predictable as holes in socks. Needless to say, we had no plans on doing anything this year either.

Until, Mr.Blab showed clear signs of life:

– Kids! It’s Halloween – blank stares all around – you have all day to come up with some kind of costumes and you can do trick or treating later today for some sweets.

Squeals filled the air and for the rest of the day the girls were running around, scouting the area for bits and pieces, tape  and scissors were busy and projects were running hot in the make-shift secret laboratory they spread over numerous chairs on the grass under the sun.  Some things didnt work out, but plenty of little things were churned out – hats, wands, hair pieces, framed dress and most importantly baskets for lollies.




I present to you the best, most wonderful Halloween baskets I have ever seen, but what I love most about them is how unconcerned about the amount of candy they would hold their creators were while making them.


Halloween might not be that bad after all.

Oh, who am I kidding, we loved it and there are no dusty costumes in drawers anywhere. These ones ended up in our bonfire later on.