Miss Fab: a year older and 234 days in

Miss Fab: a year older and 234 days in

We are now staying with our friends up in the Himalayas, enjoying the cool weather and the river flowing next to our window. We are having a great time here and are enjoying the company. I do not think it is that cold up here, but my mum does, anyway we would rather spend winter in Bulgaria.

We are leaving Asia in a few weeks heading to the Middle East, and Egypt to see the pyramids. Then it’s off to Europe. I am very excited about Europe because every country is going to be different than the last one, in Asia some places are kind of the same. And the FOOD! I can not wait for the food there! I think I have my mum’s love of food.

Anyway lets talk more about the presant rather than the future. I will list all of the first and special things that happened( so far) in the Himalayas.

1. My fist fish was caught in the Tirthan river.( with a rod, and looked good doing it!)
2. My first time chopping wood.
3. My eleventh tooth fell out.(While eating Ghachak, a hard caramel and peanut cracker)
4. My first bonfire(on our first night here)
5. My first match lighting(I am not so proud about that one…)
6. My first winter hat.(handmade by a local)
So, a lot has happened up here and I have loved every minute of it!

Except having to warm up in bed before going to sleep. But in the morning we have a nice hot chocolate and that perks you right up.

Today we went for a walk down the road to see a few shops and another part of the river, we got our hats from a little shop owned by a friendly lady. We then came back because it was getting a little cold.

Had another hot chocolate.

And then started to talk about what we are going to do in Bulgaria. We are going to stay there for a while because some family and friends are there, and the rest are in America, and one in Norway.

I don’t know what is for dinner but I think that we are having dahl.
But right now everyone else is partying and the little kids are dancing, not a real party more just dancing to music, which is a little distracting when I am trying to write, but I somehow managed.

I will now finish up with a list of my favorite places we have been to so far – Bangkok, Cherating, Kyoto, Saigon, Melaka, Chengdu, Hiroshima, Siam Reap, Shanghai, Amed and the Himalayas.

I have enjoyed our trip so far, it can be hard and the transportation can be a hell, i do get homesick but we already think back to places we have been and daydream about them, but all and all I have had a great time!

My first fish!