Namaste, Delhi

Namaste, Delhi

Airplanes suck, airports suck and we are finally in India.

Flying has to be the worst way to travel and if it was not fast, it will be out of business before we have a chance to blink. One has to arrive few hours before the flight, followed by queues to check in, where your heart skips a beat with each blink of the scales measuring your mobile possessions for a chance to squeeze another dollar out of your already tight purse.  More lines to waste your life in, this time to pass the handbags, that are now filled to the brim with your heavy stuff (yeah, do they think it evaporates magically somewhere?), through the security belts and maybe get a chance to be groped and all of this only to find yourself with an hour to spend in a place with probably the most inflated prices in town. Whooptee-dooptee-dooo!  And this is before you are stuffed in a can with other sardines and shot up thousands of kilometers up in the air where your stomach might turn with turbulence and your body will ache from the seats.

I am so glad we avoided this mode of travel for so long.

Arrival in Delhi was uneventful. Indira Gandhi International Airport is not only the biggest in South Asia, but also quite a comfortable and well organized building. Immigration was straight forward and finding a taxi not a problem at all.

Two days down the road, I can tell you that Delhi has not been  an easy place to take in. I have to put my thoughts in order, but I am finding it challenging on some level. We have seen poverty, so I dont think that is it. We have been to dirty, neglected places, so I doubt that is it either.

But I am taking it all in and will be back with more.

Since this is supposed to be food week – here is yours truly tasting Gol Gappa – little hollow crunchy pastries that are filled with different sauces and then dipped in a big spicy cold soup pan and plonked in your plastic square container. You stay there and just get one after another until your order is filled.Quite a messy job, which means they have to wash up the area around from time to time.

Despite the chicken butt face that Mr.Blab captured, I enjoyed those, although maybe not the sweet filling so much.