Watch out! Iron coming…

Watch out! Iron coming…

Nah, not for our clothes, that would be silly now. For the fabric I will use to create great stuff for the holidays, of course!

I reach high into the laundry room and grab the dusty appliance – sad, lonely, craving attention. We abandoned it years ago when we shook ourselves from the madness of perfectly smooth clothes (until you sit down or scratch your head). The relationship was severed and life got better.

But, since I like to wash all fabric I buy before doing anything to it, then it needs ironing to be workable, so I called on an old friend.

My fabric stash is quite modest, but now that I have a few projects in mind, I have added a few pieces to it.

So, what grande plans I have for the holidays, you ask? Lets assume you do, anyway.

Some blog hopping gave me a few ideas:

Chocolate pretzels – ok, no fabric needed, but one needs food for the soul.

How to make a Stainer Doll – those cute little dolls can be addictive. Imagine a whole family the kids can play with. And easy as grits.

Softie Scottie Dog – cute, cute…cute! My little girl is getting one of those.

Platypus – the big one is getting that. Also a little friend of mine.

Soft shapes – London Mummy has some great ideas, but this one will be perfect for the little man of the house.

Now, you may feel owe and great admiration for my fantastic self and my creative vision with my clean ironed fabric, but you will be gravely mistaken. This is all dreams and good intentions clouded in love and new mummy hormones.

The fact is that my sewing capabilities are quite amateurish and even though I do get spurts of activity on the sewing machine (yet another dusty appliance), they can be counted on the fingers of… my one hand.

At least I marveled at some colorful beauty today

I promise to keep you updated on my adventure with my poor stash of fabrics – clean and ironed! Did I mention that? Ok, no need to be nasty..

Keep this a secret, but I have already cut up the materials for the first platypus and even used some pins, like real sewing people. Now lets see if they will rust in there or I will get to put the creature together.

Hey! I resemble that!