Beauty cabinet raid

Beauty cabinet raid

Clean, tone and moisturize! If you dont, your skin will fall off and you will look like your great great grandma’s grandma, if she were to be alive today.

There are so many ‘rules’ for that illusive perfect skin that I have decided to not follow them and see what happens. Hey, I do like surprises after all.

Having said that, I do use some things and while I was sitting on the floor of the bathroom the other day, performing a complicated surgical procedure on yet another walking blister on my foot, I noticed my little stash of beauty products and I felt like sharing.

I have tried my fair share of white fluff for my skin. Expensive and not, full of chemicals and not…smelly and more smelly. And what I discovered is that none of it really makes much difference. A cream might seem to do something for a little while, but then everything goes back to normal.

I have a bit of a dry skin and am mainly interested in moisture. And since becoming aware of all the crap that goes into cosmetics, I added a requirement for none of those in the creams I put on my skin.

So, here is my current stash.

Beauty Without Cruelty -all day

This is a new cream for me. I ordered it after being so happy with their Vitamin C cream.
I cant say I impressed by it, but its a nice little moisture in the morning.

Beauty Without Cruelty – Vitamin C with CoQ10

This one, I love.
Great texture – very creamy and with substance to it. Feels lovely on the skin.
Mellow yellow color.
I love it in the morning.

Burt’s Bees – Radiance day and night cremes

I bought the night creme, after falling in love with the day one.
See, I have even abused the label from all the use:

The day creme is light and with a mild fragrance. Even though its backwards,
I prefer to use it at night.

The night creme is a version of the day one, but has a translucence to it.
To me that is weird, not fitting somehow, unnatural.
I dont know if that is part of the reason, but I am not liking it nearly as much.

Common Sense – 100% Shea Butter

I have used this for my expanding tummy, when pregnant and after.
Also under my eyes, when they feel dry.
Adds moisture without fail and has almost no smell, except a lightly nutty scent.


Medicine cabinet

Ok, my beauty stash is not that impressive, so I snapped those two as well.

Burt’s Bees Res-Q Ointment is great for just about any scrape or itchy bite.
The girls go to it by themselves when needed.

Medihoney Wound Gel is for when there is an open wound
or whenever I am trying to prevent an infection to settle in broken skin.

My skin is the best when I spend a lot of time outdoors with regular, but not intense, sun exposure. Lately the BWC Vit C creme for day and Burt’s Day Radiance creme for night has been the winning combination. But I have noticed the fresh air and good diet combo as being more important than those external things.

Well, my blister is dissected, cleaned, drowned in Medihoney and closed.