The green cloth, the “People” and love

The green cloth, the “People” and love

The playdough in this house has been dried and mixed in poo like colors for awhile. To tell you the truth, I guess it has been nice to use it as an excuse to save us on cleaning the inevitable mess that comes along with the spreading of the green cloth.

But the little one has been asking patiently enough that yesterday while at the shops, we picked up a pack of 24 colors – 25% off as well.

And on we went…

I actually enjoy the stuff. We make some pretty cool things..I think last time we were making cars.

This time, my little girl transformed her amazing drawing “people” into 3D wonderous creatures.

All on her own…ok, I think I did suggest the glasses

But other than that, its her own creative vision.


I love the lack of universalism in her creations. Her drawn figures have these long floppy legs and arms and faces that are so expressive, I am amazed and tingled every time she puts them down on paper.

Her playdough people didnt disappoint either. I found myself earning for that freedom of spirit and innocence.

Then I look down on my own addition to the fun and cringe…

Yes, full of personality and creative thought…not.

Had to try and not bring down the quality of output or worst – be a bad example

She: that’s a pretty garden, Mum!

All the while she hasnt stopped moulding perfection with her little fingers (with dirty nails needing cutting, when would I start loving doing this part? And why does Mr.Blab pretend he doesnt see them?).

And to finish me off, she as a matter of factly, produces this:

Ok, I give up. Cant compete with that!

Thankfully I raised my kids good and when I suggest we put all the dudes together, so they can “chat and catch up”, she suggest they do it around the garden.

Thanks my love. Its an honor being part of your world.

Signed off,
Love struck mother