200 days of traveling and counting

200 days of traveling and counting

In the outskirts of Hiroshima, Japan

It has been more than 200 days, but either way, its a long time to be without a home and living off a backpack. How are we going?

We are proficient at living on the road – we can sleep anywhere, be it two futons in a tiny Japanese hostel or less than that, straight on the tatami mats (aka. floor); we can pack-up in nought point five seconds;  we have gotten used to smelly clothes and wearing the same stuff over and over again…mostly; we can chat to anybody about anything; I can cook up something out of nothing without blinking an eye; we can walk most people to the ground, including the children (Dodman excluded); the kids imaginary plays often include pretend guesthouses or hostels, as well as world travel and citizenship; not much fazes us in general.

The one that has settled in the life of vagabonding best at this point is the Dod. He is taking it all like there is nothing more normal than this way of being. He asks “when are we going to our new home?” completely matter of factly. His games and chatter include “Yeija” (Malaysia), “ticky ice” (sticky rice) and he recalls fondly the camel that peed for 10min at the “Great wow of China”.  He falls asleep almost as soon as we hit a moving vehicle, be it train, boat or bus. Watching him experiencing this journey has been nothing short of amazing.

On the other hand I think we have hit a wall of some kind. Miss Fab is feeling friends-sick more often, I am still tired and feeling lacking in the completion of all the things I wanted to do on this trip; Mr.Blab…I don’t know, Little B seems pretty much in the groove and normal, but I think we are all a bit edgy lately and probably ready for a bit of a break. (It probably doesnt help that Japan is such a tight rope to navigate with our very tiny budget, we have to watch every single thing we spend money on, which can be tiring.)

We arrived in Fukuoka today and will most likely jump on the ferry to Busan, South Korea on the 24rd. We are supposed to fly out of Seoul on the 6th of October and start our India visit. The good thing about this is that we can rest for a bit with friends there and enjoy mellow times. I just hope we dont hit problems with visas, because there is no plan B again.

It has been another long day and my eyes are heavy, stinging me in a desperate attempt to make me go to sleep. I hate that inconsiderate behaviour, especially since I need to brush teeth, pick up all these glasses on my table, plug the laptop, dig through the darkness of the room to find something to sleep in, before I do so…its so much easier to sit here and pretend that I am doing something worthwhile.

By the way, Japan rocks our socks. It just needs to be said. I thought this trip will settle my hunger for the country, instead it just made me more ravenous. Go figure.