Beppu, buppe…quick note

Hello there, there.

We just arrived in Beppu and despite some confusion and a complete mess, we have a roof for the night. Phew.

Our simple, cheapest available option, bus trip turned into a lovely adventure, when at the  3 hour mark we drove into a ferry and cruised the Inland Sea for 2 hours. Following this were small windy streets along greenery and coast that reminded us of old Japanese movies.

Beppu…Beppu was not on the plans, but being desperate in search for a place to stay and needing to be in Kumamoto tomorrow  we took the available room and the hot spring resort is now on our map. We were told that there is a well known cheap bath we can go to nearby and I hope we can take advantage of it. Mmm..maybe when the kids go to sleep, I can venture out alone and soak the old bones in some soup.

These are our last days in Japan. We will be sad to go, but it will be so much more relaxing not to worry so much about the costs.

Ok, Beppu is beckoning.