To my big boy

To my big boy

Three years ago, you were born into my hands in what was one of the most incredible nights of my life and now you are here, walking around, dropping your pants everywhere and then wanting them back on because you have developed a strange sense of modesty, although only with others.


Its your birthday and in any other year, I would have spent my night baking a cake to your exact specifications, made invitations for a party with your pitter-pattering friends and left Mr.Blab with a pile of balloons for him to faint with, for you to enjoy.


…you get grapes!

And a few snacks.

Thank goodness your sisters are thoughtful and creative and provide a few handmade gifts and delights..

Your parents, on the other hand, put you on a bus for 6 or so hours. Yupee!


But..but..we did buy you a few trucks and vehicles, which you have loved, plus they are small and easy to carry, which is of course good for us.

I delivered a body for you to have a nap on!

Daddy was responsible for the after sleep snack – fluffy white bread with a peanut something filling. Yummo…right?



We bought you more vehicles in the op-shop too, lets not forget.  And you got to choose the place we had dinner, as is our tradition.


Fine, its nothing to chime about, but you didnt care. You are still at an age when everything is wonderful – bus rides, second hand toys and white rice for dinner (your order). Having you with us on this trip has been challenging, yes, but even more eye-opening and humbling. It would not be the same without you, for which we thank you.

I just selfishly hope that a smidgen of our big gift will stay with you, but no pressure.


For now I promise to try better and not have your birthday on a bus next year.

Pst…we will get a cake tonight. Two days late, but better than never, right?

I love you! No matter what we do, the day you came into my life cannot be any more special than it is in my heart already.

Happy Birthday!