At the tail end of our Kyoto stop

At the tail end of our Kyoto stop

Our little house in Kyoto is definitely home by now, although after 6 months of traveling every stop, no matter how short, becomes one. Still, Kyoto has earned a special spot in our hearts.

Our favorite activity is walking. Temples are everywhere, shrines around every corner and inbetween the dainty houses, but the best so far has been the strolling of the alleyways that seem to go on forever.



And in four days we are leaving.

I dont know if you remember, but I told you about my idea of having a gourmet day in Kyoto. That day is today! We are loaded with cash, full of ideas and going into the big wide world in search of food. I cannot wait to tell you all about it, most likely about all the sweets Mr.Blab will consume and how much sushi it takes to make us sick.

I think its a good way to finish our stay in this city.


Look at our street. Need I say more as to why we will miss this place? Now the food is calling me, so excuse me but I need to fly…