An umbrella kind of day

An umbrella kind of day

Talas might have passed over us quite uneventfully, but it sure brought around a bit of rain. We are seasoned Asia travelers though and whip out our rain jackets left over from our rainy day in Angkor, Cambodia and venture outside. Again, quite late in the day.


The day before we lost an umbrella to the high winds, but today the girls decide to see if they can save one of the casualties laying on the side walks and be free of the rain coats, which although good for keeping one dry are not  a desirable attire for anybody in the family (except the Dodman, who likes to float around like a “pink cloud”).

As we walk, first Miss Fab rescues an umbrella and after a bit of tweaking it is doing its job. Next, she spots another possible candidate and before we know it, we have gained two umbrellas. And this could have very well been the end of this story, but instead they become the muse for the rest of our day.

Now the girls are dancing on the streets.


We make it to Kyoto Station half-wet.

We have some sushi, some croquettes and finally ramen in, of all places, ramen alley, which turns out to be not really a street, but a place on the 10th floor of the building.  Thank goodness we ask for directions.

I will not be cruel and just mention in passing that they are delicious. My favorite: noodles that you dip in a warm broth of deep porky flavour and chunks of meat…awwww.


By now those two umbrellas have put the kids in la la land and as we get onto the Skywalk, they drop their shoes and burst into various games of unknown origin.

This continues on the way down, on the way outside and has even inspired the new header image of the blog.

Did I mention that they were free, discarded and left for garbage?


Now they are hanging on the stairwell reminding me how imagination can turn anything into inspiration.

And so passes another day in Kyoto.