Day 185 – more alley walking, temples and sushi

Day 185 – more alley walking, temples and sushi

Today was a late start again.

After a gyoza, frozen peas, yogurt and omelet breakfast (almost lunch really) on our low lying table, we finally left he house and headed to the nearby post office. I had a few things on my to do list that required this establishment and it felt so good to have them off my head, although I enjoyed the full gamut of bowing and ceremonial processes, like gentle handling of the money or the small containers that showed up from somewhere to house coins and whatnots, the sunny young woman across the glass accompanied this otherwise pretty boring  job with. I left full of love for Japan yet again.

Feeling rather accomplished, I joined the crew and we got lost in the alleys of Kyoto.


Kyoto is a city of temples and shrines, but so far I am won my its gentle character, small inviting streets and delicate shops. It feels intimate and unconcerned by us visitors, while at the same time friendly and approachable.



Few temples down and hours of walking ensured that we are ready for our sushi fix for the day, this time provided by another sushi train down the big road from our house. I tried a few new combinations calling my name from the belt and one of my favorites was this juicy roasted pork with Welsh onion.

Kyoto makes for some worthy walking at night too, especially since it cools down and tonight the addition of the breeze coming from the approaching threat of yet another storm/typhoon, made it even better. The little kiddos were running around touching poles and trying to stop cars, asking frequently when are we “getting there”… “are we almost home?”…

In the distance we could see the Kyoto Tower – nothing impressive on global scale, but it is the tallest building in the city by far, yet less than half the size of the Eiffel Tower. It is the first thing we saw as we exited the train station and during the day its nothing special, although at night it almost looks like a Japanese candle its meant to be inspired by.


The day ended with ice cream eaten at the entrance of the house. Our house.
Our home right now. Kyoto.