Yesterday’s late night blabs

The kids just went to bed and its close to midnight, a scenario that has been repeating quite often in the last few weeks. Although it doesn’t really matter, its not like we have to be up to greet the day and pack lunches for long days in school or work. I don’t miss those at all.

We are staying in a tiny Japanese house in the outskirts of Kyoto. It is charming, with graffiti of gratitude covering the walls from people that have spent their time here in the last 3 years. The house itself is nothing special, sitting modestly on the quiet street, small rooms covered in tatami mats and closets with sliding doors bursting with folded futons ready for their next inhabitants. The owner has graciously given it to the traveling community… for free. Yes, we are paying nothing for accommodation in Japan for a week. And yes, people like this exist and much more than any of us may think. Cheers to humanity.

The first three nights we had some company, a couple, he – German, she – Japanese. As always, we savored yet another opportunity to spend time with wonderful people. Initially, the kids, especially Miss Fab, were a bit concerned when we mentioned staying with other people or in other people’s houses, while now they squeal with delight when we get to do it. I can honestly say that the times we have gotten the opportunity to spend with locals or meet others are the best ones, no question.

Tomorrow, we are expecting a few Polish people (Luiza, I need you) and possibly some more German folk. I cannot wait as it is getting a bit boring with just the five of us here. I did just say that.

There is so much I want to say, to somehow properly describe what the experience of the last 6 months has been. Not so much about the big picture or some major life-changing conclusion, more so about the little things, the daily zaps of amusement, exhilaration and even sadness that keep me buzzed about what is happening. I am so behind, I doubt I will manage to catch up, but I have been thinking of maybe forcing myself to write every day from now on, at least a few paragraphs.

Because, I will forget.

Yes, I will. Mr Blab will remember weird things that have little value to me, like the name of the bakery shop around the corner, while the kids will be surely staring at me blankly or giving me their own version of the story. Which is fine, for them, but I want mine with all the random weird thoughts and feelings that flood my head every day. I am a details person – smells, textures and sounds have a deep impact on me. I need to make sure I remember them.

I know I will forget, because I read the blog entries from my 2008 around the world trip and a lot of it is news to me. Its a fact.

After 6 months of doing the vast majority of thinking, researching, worrying about the budget, finding accommodations and options, strategizing, organizing pictures/backups, processing pictures, blogging and getting frustrated at not doing it as good as I hoped, more researching, doing the laundry, cleaning, cooking and unsuccessfully nagging the family to help me, I have officially declared myself  tired. Everyone else seems to be on a holiday, but me. No need to feel sorry for this person with dark circles under her eyes though, because I am still having a great time, although it is definitely making me a more unpleasant person to be around. Oh, what a juicy post I had in my head bagging Mr.Blab, juicy…juicy…mmm…but I was just too darn tired to write it.  Lucky guy.

It is probably the best time to take it easy now and relax for a few weeks in Japan. The last 2 days we have spent in the house, doing nothing and the lack of Internet has meant that I get to unwind as well. Add to the equation some sushi train visits, noodles and home-cooked pasta and it all equals…just ahhhhh.

Now its time to go curl up on my futon on the floor with an already fast asleep little man, who will be 3 years old in two weeks.  Can you even believe it!
Yawn..have I mentioned how much I love these low tables and sitting on the floor? Well, I do. Now good night.