Japan, I missed you!

Japan, I missed you!

I doubt there is a better way to arrive in Japan than on a boat. Seeing the first small islands in the distance made my heart flutter and slowly making our way through the archipelago with cities passing one by one on both sides of the ship is such a mellow way to enter a new destination. Nothing abrupt, no hurrying for bags and running through busy airport only to be met by crowds and eager taxi drivers as your first introduction to a city.

As soon as we dropped the bags and ventured outside, I knew why I had fallen in love with Japan 3 years ago.

This visit will leave quite a big hole in our budget, but so worth it.

The best way to end our first day in Japan?

Sushi of course!

Sitting at the sushi train restaurant, listening to the loud welcomes and ….a-mas Japanese language around me, and watching the beautiful hand movements and delicate ways people handle their food and chopsticks…

…. slurping my seaweed udon noodle soup and purring at the perfect melt of the salmon in my mouth..



…I am back in loveland.

I only have eyes for you, Japan.


I missed you so much.