Happy Halloween and … I got it!

Happy Halloween and … I got it!


No, we dont do Halloween, but I know that a lot of people do. Not that I dont like the holiday, quite the opposite actually, I think its one of the quite nice ones, but it has never been part of my life and not many people around here do anything fun with it…the short story is, we dont do Halloween.

But, I got something special today.

The first documented smile! *jumps around like a mad woman*

I felt some smiling coming and grabbed the camera while trying not to trip over my excitement and he was good to me and gave me a few small ones. He didnt shoot the big guns, gummy open mouth ones, but I did not dare to complain.

Ok, now I am off to squeeze him in my arms, cant stand it!

Boo! – hey, I never said I am any good at this…we dont do Halloween, remember?