Pre-post fun – the Chinese train story

Pre-post fun – the Chinese train story

A little game of imagination.

You are carrying your heavy backpacks through the crowds, the heat of the day is squeezing the last juices out of your body and you finally reach the train that will take you to your next destination on your long awaited trip through China.

You enter the cart with vintage dirt stains adoring the old surfaces and seeing the wide opened windows you realize that it has no air-conditioning. There is a 25 hour ride ahead of you, your children are tired and the only tickets you can get have assured you the very top bunks of the three layered set up of the hard-sleeper cart you are standing in the middle of.

What happens next? Is it horrible or surprisingly wonderful experience? Somewhere in the middle? Or do you just say screw it and get out of the train?

I will tell you our story later.