Old Christmas cards recycling

Old Christmas cards recycling

I dont know if its guilt from being obsessed with Baby Blob or just my love for things that have personal meaning, but I have made an effort in making a few things with the girls in the last few weeks.

We did some dolls and sock bunnies and in the search for some materials and accessories we stumbled upon these mask bases – white carton mask shapes with elastic. The girls made some themselves and then I offered to make some as well. I dusted off my art box and started pulling out the tools of my creativity…and I found this old box of Christmas cards.

While looking at them I got an idea and snipped them up into shape. Glued them onto the bases and then stuck some feathers for good measure and we played with the glittery glue for a sparkly finish.

The result was quite nice. Just now I realized you cant see the other half of the mask, but its a sleigh with horses. Who needs a proper picture, no, dont answer that.

Now I am on a mission to find some good ideas for a handmade set of Christmas presents for the kids. I have never liked the normal plastic Made in Freakin Who Knows How They Do It China, but now Mr Blab is on board finally, so I am on a mission.

Any ideas?