Apparently in China people speak Chinese, ha!

I have traveled in Japan, where few speak English and none of the signs mean a thing, but China so far is proving even harder. We spent more than 2 hours yesterday in Nanning, and almost as long here in Guilin, trying to get accommodation and find our way. I think this is the end of our arrival in places without a booking ready.

In Japan ordering food is easy, as most places have either pictures or plastic models of all the dishes on offer. First night the indexed finger worked great. Second night pointing at pictures got us nothing of what we thought, although thankfully it was still edible. But walking through the night market in Guilin was a good ending to a long day yesterday.

And to top the hard to manage China introduction, we are for the first time in almost 5 months traveling in high season. Perfect.

Since I am now behind the Great China Firewall, all my connections to Twitter and Facebook are cut off, even the sneaky one I had on an app in Ipad in Vietnam. Seems like I can still email updates to the Facebook page, but I cannot reply or see the likes. I will receive emails for your comments there though.

謝謝  (sheh-sheh “thank you”)