6 week update

6 week update

Before I am jumped on for posting pictures of squirt bottles instead of Baby Blob’s, here is a quick update too. Ha! Gotcha…two posts in one day.

I am in love and its official. I can hug him all day, if at all possible and believe me, I try to. The sling is getting lots of use and he loves being in there.

The smiles have started flowing in, but unfortunately I havent been able to get them on camera yet. I have one, but he blinked while I pressed the trigger and looks like he was asleep…dang. I will catch him though, he wont defeat me.

He sleeps at night, but still wakes up every 3 hours. I will take that for now, at least he isnt keeping us up all night with being fussy or full of energy.

The cheeks keep on overflowing and the double chin is an expanding entity on his beautiful face.

Here is one from earlier on..still peeling off the newborn skin:

The girls adore him.

Little sister loves his feet and big sister wants to cuddle him.

But they also brought a cold in the house and we didnt manage to protect him, so now he is going through his first sniffles. My heart breaks watching him struggle with the boogers, but that is what is awaiting me for the next few year – going through all the normal illnesses and building immunity.

Ok, I am biased and all, but he is pretty lovely little fella. You cant blame me for wanting to cuddle him up all day and night. Plus, he likes it too ;)