Chem free bottom wiping

Chem free bottom wiping

Chemicals freak me a little bit. Not to the extend of keeping me up at night, but thinking how much we have surrounded ourselves with them and how very little we know about their safety does make me try to avoid them as much as possible.

So its no surprise that those commercial full of crap wipes are no good for my perfect little babies’ bottoms.

Here is what I use instead:

30 cloth wipes (from Amazon)

A squirt bottle with:
– few drops of tea tree oil
– few drops of jojoba oil
– few drops of calendula
– water to the top

The composition of the mixture can change, depending on whats going on with the bottom or what I have on hand.

Then when its time to clean – grab a wipe, squirt the mixture, wipe away and then throw with the diapers for washing.

Easy peasy happy bum solution.